Products Componit

Products Componit



COMPONYL is a PVC compound that can be made for extrusion and injection with a specific dosage of plasticizers, stabilizers and additives, among others.

Rigid PVC - Applications

Indoor and outdoor profiles

  • Coatings; Furniture; Window frames; Electric cables raceways; Technical Profiles; Coextrusion Compact Pipes
  • Central Vacuum; Conduction of Electric Cables; Water Conduction (Pressure/Discharge)

Corrugated pipes and Spiral pipes

Injected parts

  • Piping Accessories; Electricity Boxes


  • Cosmetic; Food; Industrial

Flexible PVC - Applications


  • Energy (insulation/filling/flange); Data and Accessories


  • Soles; Direct Injection and Footwear Safety

Pipes and hoses

  • Household (garden, butane/propane gas); Industrial (solid and liquid transport, ventilation)

Profiles and seals

  • Technical Extrusion/Coextrusion Profiles; O-rings;
    Encapsulation Seals


Customized according to customer specifications.

Areas of application

  • Calçado
  • Alimentação
  • Industria
  • Embalagem
  • Saude
  • Automóvel
  • Construção
  • Cabos


Thermoplastic rubber (TR) compounds are based on styrene-butadiene (SB) block copolymers.


  • Ease of processing (fast injection cycle)
  • Low process cost
  • Excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures
  • Good elasticity
  • Great adherence (non-slip)
  • Pigmentation in any colour
  • Essence introduction
  • Not toxic
  • Fully recyclable 


Main application

  • Footwear industry  
  • Injected soles

Areas of application

  • Calçado


SEBS is a styrene, ethylene and butadiene block (SEBS) copolymers-based recyclable thermoplastic elastomer compound.


  • Flexible and elastic materials such as rubber.
  • Good cost/performance ratio.
  • Processing: Injection and Extrusion.
  • SEBS - processing

Applications of SEBS by Injection

  • Car Mats
  • Junction Box Seals 
  • Toys
  • Toothbrushes
  • Gifts
  • Tool handles 
  • Household items
  • Technical Parts

Applications of SEBS by Extrusion

  • Medical; Automotive and Construction Industry Applications
  • Frame seals 
  • Profiles

Areas of application

  • Calçado
  • Alimentação
  • Industria
  • Embalagem
  • Saude
  • Automóvel
  • Construção


COMPOPP is the name of the talc- and/or fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene (PP), homopolymer or copolymer. If necessary, the use of a flame retardant is possible in accordance with UL-94.

PP with Fibreglass

Reinforced PP compounds can have between 10 and 50 % fibreglass. These compounds are used in the plastic industry in order to reinforce mechanical properties.

Some of the advantages of fibreglass compounds are:

  • Easy to shape parts with complex shapes;
  • Lighter than steel and more resistant and with identical mechanical and thermal properties;
  • High resistance to tension, impact, compression, flexion under load, tearing, abrasion;
  • Chemical resistance;


Applications of PP with Fibreglass:

  • Extrusion (Pipes);
  • Injection (technical parts, automotive industry and household electrical applications).

PP with Talc

Talc-reinforced PP compounds  
can have between 10 to 40 % talc. 


The addition of talc has several advantages, including:

  • Rigidity (E-Modulus), resistance: to impact, thermal conductivity and thermal expansion;
  • Nucleation properties;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Reduces water absorption and shrinkage in moulding;

Applications of PP with talc:

  • Injection (technical parts, automotive industry and household electrical applications).

Areas of application

  • Industria
  • Automóvel
  • Construção