Evaluation and communication to suppliers Componit

Continuous improvement is one of the pillars of COMPONIT's Management System, and one of the fundamental points for this improvement is the partnership with our suppliers so we evaluate our suppliers according to the criteria mentioned below, in order to be able to provide feedback on our needs; 

Transportation Suppliers 
  1. Complaints 
  2. Compliance delivery deadlines
  3. Compliance with loading schedules
  4. Assistance with requests, transportation requests or quotations
  5. Trucks Cleaning

Other Suppliers 

  1. Product/Service Quality
  2. Compliance delivery deadlines
  3. Delivery of documentation (where applicable)
  4. After-sales assistance

The evaluation is carried out continuously and registered every six months according to the following degree of satisfaction

Degree of Satisfaction Score
Not satisfied at all 1
Not very satisfied2
Very satisfied4
Fully satisfied 5


Without prejudice to continuous communication regarding any incidents as soon as they occur, the rating of suppliers is only communicated every six months if one or more of the evaluation criteria has a score equal to or lower than 2 (Not Satisfied). When it is communicated to the supplier, we ask them to take corrective/improvement actions. 

After the actions taken by the supplier, the need for reclassification has been verified and, if there is no improvement, it will change from a regular supplier to an alternative supplier (under a condition defined by our company).