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We are together for whatever comes - Pirilampo Mágico 2021


1987: Year in which PIRILAMPO MÁGICO was born and has been present in the lives of Portuguese every year since that year, with the exception of 2020.

85: is the number of organizations currently supported. In 1987 there were 38.

± 25000: Is the number of people directly or indirectly supported by CERCIs.

2019: Year in which ISOLAGO and COMPONIT begin to support this Social Cause.   

THE SOCIAL CAUSE SUPPORTED BY THE MAGIC FIRE IS AS SIMPLE AS GREAT: They are directly or indirectly supported by the CERCI, sensitize public opinion and defend the integration of these people in society, respecting their difference.

WE ARE TOGETHER, WHY IT WORKS: is the motto of this year's Magic Firefly campaign. In challenging times when everyone was called to give their best, the campaign reminds that united for a common cause, it is possible to reach further, faster and more effectively.

Our companies support this cause, within the scope of their Social Responsibility policy, offering each of our employees 1 firefly and publicizing the cause.

We count on each one to get the Magic Firefly message as far as possible!

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