Productive Innovation Project

Project no. 723

Project Name: Beaflex - New production process of thermoplastic elastomers
Main goal: Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Support Program: Alentejo 2020 FEDER
Elegible cost: 1.564.369,50 EUR
EU financial support: 1.095.058,65 EUR
National public financial support: 0,00EUR

Componit intends to implement a new SBS/SEBS thermoplastic elastomer production line, replacing the current line that is out of alignment with the company's growth objectives and its business reality. With the implementation of this new production line, Componit can achieve energy savings, increase the efficiency and productivity of its manufacturing process, making it more competitive.
Componit expects its sales to grow about 200% between 2014 and post-project year.



Interview with Rodrigo Barros – June 2015

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Componit represented in Feiplastic 2015 - International Fair of Plastics in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Located in the Portuguese exhibition area - CEFAMOL, Portuguese Moulds Industry and associated with several national companies, Isolago / Componit attended this enormous market that is still growing.

Our presence was noticed as producers of "Masterbatch" and "Compounds" associated with Stand R 160, as it appears from the photos, demonstrating the communication made on the premises.

As it is announced in the trade fair site, is "renewed and strengthened as the largest fair in Latin America, Feiplastic is one of the main fairs in the plastics sector for presentation of trends, demo releases and generation networking.

An event that transforms the market to promote economic and technological development of the sector, bringing together the most important brands and attracting key buyers from Brazil and the world, being an important business generating center of the plastic production chain. "

In Brazil, joining the major international suppliers there has been a strong and well-developed set of local suppliers with great know-how which makes our entry in this area of the globe, very challenging.


Componit attended the Fair Arabplast 2015 - Dubai, UAE

Due to the large growth potential of the plastics industry in this part of the world, with presence of visitors from all over the world, we could not pass up the opportunity to attend this event.

Again in partnership with Isolago and with the desire to have a close relationship with customers of “Partners for life”, Componit constantly focus on promoting foreign markets over like this International Fair after the previous year have been present in Plastivision 2014 Sharjah, also in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The primary local and worldwide suppliers concentrated here to showcase their products, facilitating business opportunities and unveil the latest developments in the plastics area.


Componit attended to Plastivision Arabia 2014

In partnership with ISOLAGO, Componit attended the International Fair Plastivision Arabia 2014, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was the first opportunity for the company's internationalization. The brands COMPONYL, COMPOPRENE and COMPOPP were highlighted.



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