COMPOPP - PP Compounds - Reinforced with talc and/or fiberglass

COMPOPP is the designation of polypropylene (PP) homopolymer or copolymer reinforced with talc and/or fiberglass. If necessary, these products can have flame retardant properties to meet UL-94 standards.




Reinforced PP compounds can have between 10% and 50% of fiberglass content. These compounds are used in the plastics industry with the aim of enhancing the mechanical properties.


Some advantages of fiberglass compounds are:


• Ease of molding parts with complex shapes;

• Lighter than steel although stronger and with identical mechanical and thermal properties;

• High tensile, impact, compression, flexion under load, tear strength and abrasion properties;

• Chemical resistance;


Application of fiberglass reinforced PP:


• Extrusion (Pipes);

• Injection (technical parts, automotive and household electrical appliances).




Compounds of talc reinforced PP may contain between 10 and 40% of talc.


The addition of talc has several advantages, including:


• Stiffness (E-Modulus), Resistance: impact, thermal conductivity and thermal deflection;

• Nucleating Properties;

• Chemical resistance;

• Reduced water absorption and mould shrinkage.


Application of Talc reinforced PP


• Injection (technical parts, automotive and household electrical appliances).


Productive Innovation Project


Productive Innovation Project Project no. 723 Project Name: Beaflex - New production process of thermoplastic elastomers Main goal: Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs Support Program: Alentejo 2020 FEDER Elegible cost: 1.564.369,50 EUR EU financial support: 1.095.058,65 EUR National public financial support: 0,00EUR


Componit attended the

Fair Arabplast 2015 - Dubai, UAE

Due to the large growth potential of the plastics industry in this part of the world, with presence of visitors from all over the world, we could not pass up the opportunity to attend this event.


Componit represented in Feiplastic 2015

International Fair of Plastics in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located in the Portuguese exhibition area - CEFAMOL, Portuguese Moulds Industry and associated with several national companies, Isolago / Componit attended this enormous market that is still growing.



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